About Us

The Hearing Instrument Practitioners Society of BC (HIPSBC) is the voluntary, nonprofit professional association representing the interests of Hearing Instrument Practitioners of British Columbia, Canada. Founded in 1988, the Society continues to recognize the need for promoting and maintaining the highest standards for its members in the best interest of the hard of hearing consumer.


To promote and encourage public education about hearing loss, the use of hearing devices and hearing protection.

To support educational programs and standards that ensure growth of the profession with well-trained and qualified Practitioners.

Advocacy and Cooperation

To coordinate the activities of, and act as the official voice of Hearing Instrument Practitioners in British Columbia in cooperation with other professions involved in the hearing health care field, with regulatory authorities, and with governmental and consumer groups, both at the provincial and national level.

To promote and encourage membership in the society and work with hearing instrument manufacturers to foster a cooperative atmosphere.

We advocate your professional interests with other members of the hearing healthcare community, audiology associations, medical associations, health authorities, provincial governments, the manufacturing community, the hard of hearing community; and, federal and provincial third party payers.

Worksafe BC Liaison committee representation
Veterans Affairs Canada

Code of Ethics

HIPSBC members subscribe to a code of ethical conduct which is compatible with government regulations and with ethical standards of related professional groups.