Douglas College HIP Program

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HIP program at Douglas College in Coquitlam

HIPSBC is happy to share with you some exciting news! In September 2017  a new HIP program began at Douglas College in Coquitlam. This is a 2-year diploma program and it is a hybrid online / face to face program.

Students take their courses online. The online courses however, are taught in a “live” manner, meaning that students will see the instructor as well as the PowerPoint slides being shown on their computer screens. They are able to ask questions during the class and the sessions are recorded so that students who are working or unable to attend the live sessions can tune in later, at their convenience.

In this way, the Douglas College HIP program is an “active” as opposed to a “passive” online program. Another unique facet of the program is that students are required to come to the campus and attend labs one day a week.  This program was designed to accommodate students who are working at full time jobs. There are two weekly lab days; one on Thursdays and one on Saturdays. The Saturday labs work well for those who are working full time during the regular work week and the Thursday labs are more suitable for students who are not working the regular Monday-Friday week.

The new HIP program was started by two Opticians who are also registered as HIPs: Wayne Mullen ( & Michael March ( They already were teaching in the Optical department at Douglas College. The HIP program is housed in the department of Sciences & Technology. The Dean of Sciences & Technology is Brian Chapell PhD ( and Ted Venema, PhD ( is the lead instructor for this new program.

Here is a link to the program.

Please feel to contact Ted Venema with HIPSBC if you have further questions regarding this exciting announcement.

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