Laboratory Technician, Hearing Instrument Practitioner at Douglas College

Location: Douglas College Coquitlam Campus

The role is to facilitate all laboratory operations associated with the Hearing Instrument Practitioner Diploma
program. To provide for the maintenance and control of laboratory equipment, materials and
supplies, set up laboratory demonstrations and demonstrate the use of laboratory equipment.
Provides exceptional client-centred service on a consistent basis to all stakeholder groups.

The responsibilities are as follows:

1. Manages the flow of patients and test subjects in the hearing testing and hearing aid dispensing
a. works with students and patients in selecting options for hearing assistive devices;
b. creates work orders for the filling of prescriptions and forwards the work orders to suppliers as
c. ensures quality control standards are met in the provision of customer services;
d. maintains an accurate accounting and inventory system in relation to dispensary operations.
2. Ensures the maintenance and control of laboratory equipment, materials and supplies.
a. checks labs on a regular basis to ensure readiness for use;
b. consults with faculty to determine laboratory needs for courses;
c. maintains a clean and safe laboratory environment for student use;
d. maintains an inventory of dispensary and laboratory supplies and equipment including an
ongoing summary of consumable supplies costs;
e. performs minor repair of laboratory equipment;

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f. initiates procedures for major repair or replacement of laboratory equipment;
g. ensures an adequate supply of required materials, prepares and processes appropriate
paperwork for supplies orders including liaison with the Purchasing department and suppliers;
h. maintains an effective system for ordering equipment and supplies;
i. receive and checks equipment, materials and supplies ensuring orders are complete, supplies
are maintained and equipment is operational.
3. Assists students with laboratory activities and assignments.
a. assists students with the proper use of equipment;
b. assists students by modelling exemplary customer service behaviour;
c. works cooperatively with faculty members to provide support for all laboratory activities;
d. demonstrates the safe use of equipment.
4. Provides technical support for the laboratory component of courses.
a. collects and sets up equipment and materials for instructional laboratories;
b. works with faculty in preparing and providing demonstrations on the use of laboratory
c. takes an active part in the development, evaluation and revision of laboratory activities and
d. researches products for use in the laboratory including determining pricing and availability;
works in collaboration with the Program Coordinator for timetabling the use of the laboratory space
for the program as well as continuing education activities where appropriate;
e. assists in the annual development of capital requests;
f. assists with new faculty orientation.
5. Performs other related duties.
a. prepares staffing schedules for student assistants and supervises student assistants in the
provision of customer service in the dispensary;
b. assists in ensuring the safe operation of the laboratory;
c. attends internal and external meetings.

Please see the attached job posting for more details.

01774SA – Laboratory Technician, Hearing Instrument
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